Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wednesday and more!

First in today is from Bev (the ridgewoman) in AMERICA who says:-

"This rooster is on the ridge, calling for all his brothers to join in the TIAS.

I included the 'brown' rooster that has his tail on the wrong side, just so you can see how well I followed your directions.
I have a white one with a story, waiting in the wings (so to speak   LOL)."

This afternoon we have Carol from AMERICA first in and she's been 'playing' with the bridegroom pattern on my site again!!!  You'll see him 'transformed' into a scarecrow lower down!!!  Here's a link to her blog and this is what she says:-
"I had so much fun tatting Norman and family.  Thank you for the fun and such a great patterns.  I also hope you don't mind me tweaking your Bridegroom for my amusement.  LOL, this pattern  just has so many possibilities.  I also should have mentioned that I used the clowns hat for the scarecrow."

News has just come in from Arlene in AMERICA that there's another rooster on her blog here.  I kidnapped him so you could see him here too.

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