Monday, 1 February 2010


Just one rooster in today and I think it's from Bep.  

I know it's flown all the way from THE NETHERLANDS because this is what the owner says:-
"Thanks for the very nice Tias I like it very much.  Here the result from a Dutch tatter."

The next rooster in is from Lynne who lives in WALES.  She says:-
"He's great, you are clever, we were convinced it was a hot-air ballon and the tail was the basket.I did wonder about the long picots but thought they would somehow be the ropes and the bead was the fire!!!! An interesting pattern and I love Norman!

Next in is from Cynthia in AMERICA who says:-
"Hi Jane here is a scan of my rooster.  I haven't gotten the ends clipped yet and worked in.  Please don't look too close as I made some mistakes and didn't fix them as I was way past where they are before I noticed them."

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