Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Before I announce the first rooster in today I'd like to point out that as there's no sign of a fox the chicken coup will be kept open indefinitely for as many Normans as we can fit in.  It's a VERY large coup!!!!!!

First today is from Ann in AMERICA who got me puzzled for a while.  I did work it out, Ann.  Begins with a T and ends in an S!!!!  Here's the puzzle:-
"Took a while, but I FINALLY finished my Norman!  Thank you so much for hosting this TIAS.  I LOVED doing it and learned SO much!  Any guesses on where this Norman resides?"

Next in is Pamela's brood from IRELAND and she says this:-
"Norman is Finished......finally, here he is, he was soon overtaken by SuperNorman.....Norman on steroids!! Both tatted in size 20, Floretta and Red heart...what a difference. Look what happened when Norman met Super Norman!"


Ridgetatter said...

I do believe that rooster is standing upon the state of Texas….my neighbor to the east! I do like the roosters that show up in a scene, or a background of any sort.
The New Mexico roosters are running wild, soon to be captured; and one is almost hatched out! New Mexico is very backwards and roads out of here are hard to come by….the ruts and pot holes are large enough to swallow Mac Trucks….

Sewicked said...

There's on in NC, but somehow he fell in the bleach. He started out black but now he's white (I posted picts on my blog)