Friday, 4 March 2016

Very nearly 80!!!

Today I have two new rabbits to show you. 

The first is from Lori who says.
78. "Hi Jane!! 
Well I finished the rabbit and carrot! Even if I put the carrot on backwards. Hahaha 
My cat likes to eat/play with my tatting. 
So it is a bit damaged but I am ok with it. 
Thanks for the fun! 

Now I have two rabbits from Catherine! She says.
79. "Bonjour Jane, 
Et voilà Praline la lapine , et Pralin le lapin. Très contente d'avoir pu apprendre plein de choses avec ce tias merci et merci de l'avoir fait traduire en français. Ce serait bien qu'il y ait une traduction aussi pour les précédents."

Hello Jane,
And now the rabbit Praline, Praline and rabbits. Very glad I could learn a lot with this tias thank you and thank you for having it translated into French. It would be although there is also a translation to the previous ones.

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