Monday, 14 March 2016

Now I have 80 PLUS!!!

First of all today I have Julie's (my lovely French translator) rabbit with her comment which is.

80. "Hello Jane ! 
I am soooo terribly late ! I have been very busy with my work and didn't find time to write my last article for the TIAS. 
Shame on me, I think that I didn't send you my final picture... I join it here. 
Just want to thank you another time. It's been a great honour and pleasure to work with you."
Well it was a pleasure and very easy to work with you too, Julie.

The following rabbits on this post are taken from Julie's blog post as I'm pretty sure they've not been uploaded to the TIAS blog before.  If I've doubled up then I'm sure somebody will let poor old BC3 know!!!!

Next is Blanche's final day.  I love her cheerful rabbits.

Carole's rabbit is next.

Cordelia's rabbit is the next one I've found.

Next is Francoise's rabbit.

Followed by Francoise P's rabbit too!

Celine's rabbit is next.

Isabelle is next with her rabbit.


Cornelia said...

Das sind ja auch wirklich tolle Hasen!

Jane Eborall said...

Ja, sie sind, sind sie nicht, Cornelia.