Friday, 3 April 2009

dani's TIAS - day 3

i think i'm going to call the options a CYOP - Choose Your Own Pattern... kind of like the CYOA - Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 80s.

oh, and there's a correction on day 2!

a reminder: {split ring/chain} and [normal tatting]

R: 3+ to last small r, 3+ to base of ring on last round, 3-3

* R: 3+ to prev ring, 3+ to prev round, 3-3
Ch: 3-3 *
repeat 4 more times

R: 3+ to prev ring, 3+ to base of ring on prev round, 3-3 --oops!--
Ch: 4 + to last p, 4+ to join on prev round, 4+ to next p, 4 to start of this round

[cut & tie]

(7 new rings total)

tomorrow, an option!


Suzanne said...

Rats! When you did not respond to my query about clue 2, I trusted that it was right and forged ahead. Now I must do over....Grrrr!

Suzanne said...

Correction... You did answer, but not before I had forged ahead. I may just choose to live with it, as is.

Anonymous said...

Can it be, that the last ring had to be: 3+ to prev ring, 3+ to base of ring on prev round, 3-3?
Grettings Brigitte Henneberger

Suzanne said...

Hi Dani!

The same omission of 3-3 is in the corresponding spot on day 3 (ring 7), but I think most people will see what needs to happen next. Onward to day 4!

dani, the geek said...

sorry 'bout this folks... it seems i wasn't quite cool enough to moderate comments. the fix has been implemented in the meantime. thanks Suzanne!