Thursday, 2 April 2009

dani's TIAS - day 2

since i left this so late (darn that knitting, anyway!), i'll be releasing these updates more often than your average TIAS... unless i hear an uproar from the populace.

a reminder: {split ring/chain} and [normal tatting]

Round 2:

{SR: 3-3/3-3} or [R: 3-3+ to base of ring at end of last round, 3-3]

* R: 3+ to prev ring, 3+ to prev round, 3-3
Ch: 3-3 *
repeat 4 more times

R: 3+ to prev ring, 3+ to base of ring on prev round, 3-3 --oops!--
Ch: 3-3
R: 3+ to prev ring, 3
Ch: 3-3
R: 3+ to join on prev round, 3
Ch: 3-3
R: 3-3
Ch: 3-3

(10 new rings total)

yes, i know, we only went halfway around... heh, heh, heh... (another good reason to release daily!)



Suzanne said...

Shouldn't there be more stitches, and perhaps another picot, in ring number 7? Otherwise, where is ring 8 to attach? I'm a little confused. And ring 9 attaches to which join on previous round?

Tattycat said...

Well. I like this! I just came to post that I was finished and here is day 2! Cool. Do you want us to send you progress pictures or post them to our blogs?

dani, the geek said...

thanks for catching that Suzanne! yes, R 7 is a 3x4, not a 3x2. the join is the one on the tip of the oval.

that help?