Sunday, 21 September 2014

Well these two sailing boats arrived while I was out of the country so I couldn't easily access the blog. Here they are now, though from Frances and Alison in Australia and here's what Frances says:-

98 and 99
"Hi Jane, 
well Alison and I have been taking a leisurely sail around the world from Australia and have finally made our way to England. (That is, I have just found the photo I took of the two boats, my son had borrowed my camera). We really enjoyed tatting this boat and are looking forward to next years. 
Frances and Alison 
Warwick Queensland 

Wonder if we'll now get the magic 100?


Adrian said...

I really should try to find mine and see how far I managed to get before I messed up.

Or just re-start it from scratch.

But that seems at odds with the idea of TIAS. :-/

Jane Eborall said...

There are no rules to the game, Adrian so whatever suits you!!!!!
Must start thinking about the next one now!!!!