Sunday, 2 March 2014

A 2 year old TIAS!!!!

It amazes me time and time again how far reaching the TIAS has become. I'm showing you this message and the picture for the goat that was the Tat It And See two years ago. 

"I did the TAIS with the course, the other girls did theirs later, this years we are doing it now, I give them 2 days at a time they have only just started up to page 4 we only ever meet once per week hence the long time doing it but they are loving this one and have all promised not to peek so far so good.

We don't have a problem if you would like to put it on the TAIS Blog your decision but I know there will be no objections. I know the other 2 girls very well we have been together as part of the group for almost 20 yrs

I am quite pleased with the picture , I just played with the wet felting then had to find something to finish the picture. Looks good in a display of lace showing people another dimension of tatting."

I find your TIAS a very good way of building the confidence of tatters, maybe the anticipation of the next sheet, anything to get them tatting.

Hope you like what we have done.
Happy Lacing,

I look forward to seeing all your 2014 TIAS's later this year, Madge.

Cheryl has sent in another boat that she's made!!!  Here it is:-
" I’ll have to check out your information on tatting without blips. I see I have some there.
It’s windy and cold here today. We’re staying inside and keeping warm."

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