Sunday, 24 March 2013

March 24th

Today I have another pram from Sonja's pram so I thought you'd all like to see it.  She said:-
"Hello Jane
I was busy with painting some thread, because I wanted rainbowcolours. I needed a test for my thread and I made my third pram. You see: I like colours.
Sonja from Holland."

Next in today are two prams from Gea who says:-
110.  "Hello Jane,
Hereby finally my tias of 2013. Sorry it took so long. I had a lot of work but the worst thing I ever did was to choose black for the last parts of the cradle. The light in our house as terrible in the times I could do some tatting. Today bright day, just zero degrees outside, but the wind so strong it feels like minus 15 so i had enough reason ti stay inside and finish it. Thanks a lot for your work this year. 
Greetings Gea"

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