Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tuesday 6th March

Here's number

104. Thank you to Liz D who says:-
"Here he is! Sorry it took me so long to finish. The small bead in his eye is so close to the color of the thread that it is barely noticeable, but I like him just the same. Thanks so much Jane for another great pattern and the accompanying fun.
No problem, Liz - sometimes a TIAS can arrive up to a year later!!!!


Gunhild said...

Hallo aunt Jane, this is Pimboli speaking. How are you today??
I would like to say "thank you for linking my friends' blog in the Tias 2012 joining list". But something is wrong with the link, there are somehow too many ".coms" and so in the link. Doesn't work. Would you mind to correct it with this link following ???Hihi, and greetings from my friend, the green football-goat!
Cirio yours Pimboli

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Pimboli and Gunhild I'm so, so sorry about the bad link. I have fixed it now. Will you both please forgive me? My humble, humble apologies.
Love Aunty Jane